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Political Objects. Clerkenwell Design Week 2011.
Political Objects have always existed, from the Bauhaus to Memphis many designers
have challenged society proposing new objects which intention is not only to fulfil a function, but to also send a clear message with the intention of making users take part in their ideology.

We are now in period of time where the economic crisis has left people questioning the
benefits of capitalism, and the abusive consumption of goods is putting at risk the
planet natural ecosystem. This has made that more and more people are becoming engaged in some sort of activism.

How are young designers reacting to this?

Local consumption, ecological awareness, and the support to small communities without resources are some of the issues that a group of London-based designers are trying to tackle with their work. Their proposals have been gathered for this exhibition.


Exhibition dates: 24-26 May 2011.
Venue : Frameless Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP
Participating designers: Aker Collective , Simon Donald,
Grit Hartung & Bell Flora
, Georgi Manassiev, Vahakn Matossian,
Alon Meron, Florie Salnot , Yuri Suzuki , Studio Swine, Harry Thaler
and David  Weatherhead.
Exhibition design: Federal Office
Graphic design: Federal Office
Supported by: Clerkenwell Design Week