Month: May 2018


Your Poker-Love Can ‘Tilt’ Into Trouble

Edgar Martinez once said, “Learn to control your emotions or they will control you.”
Games not only keep players physically fit but emotionally strong too. Psychologists indicate that playing your favourite game has the same kind of cathartic effect as watching a movie or a play. We tend to associate emotions with almost everything we come across. Whether it is someone or something we love. And when it comes to playing poker, people naturally put their heart and soul into it.

Poker is a game of ‘mind on the money and money on the mind’. But your heart always makes its way to accommodate itself between both – the mind and the money. The popularity of poker has extended its boundaries all over the world wide web. Several applications and websites have cropped up to allow people play poker online. A well-acclaimed social media platform Facebook allows its users to play online poker without worrying about the chips to play. Various websites that sell Facebook Chips are just a click away.

Your love for poker might ’tilt’ you into distress

Tilt is used in poker terminology to denote a state of confusion in the game brought about by astounding emotions such as anger or frustration. Tilting tends to have a negative impact on the performance of a player. Jared Tendler, MS is poker’s leading mental game coach and an author of a series of books concerning poker playing. Jared Tendler defines the seven types of tilt he sees in poker players.

* Injustice tilt

Injustice tilt comes in, when you feel that other players are luckier than you. Feeling that the game is always wrongful to you, you make wrong moves.

* Hate-losing tilt

Although nobody likes losing their precious Facebook chips but if losing makes you feel extraordinarily irritated, you may experience the hate-losing tilt.

* Mistake tilt

Making a mistake and getting over-critical at it instead of learning, makes you qualify for this category of tilts.

* Entitlement tilt

If you feel that working really hard at perfecting your game ensures your definite win, then you could experience ‘entitlement tilt’.

* Revenge tilt

If you feel agitated at losing all your Facebook chips to someone in a round of heads up poker and you set to chase down that player to recover your loss, it’d be called a revenge tilt. It is suggested to buy Facebook chips instead …